School Advisory Council

The fundamental purpose of the School Advisory Council is to ensure that all students receive the very best possible learning opportunities by engaging parents/carers as partners in an ongoing process of problem-solving and shared decision-making.



To fulfil this role the School Advisory Council strives to be a forum of discussion and ideas that represent the views of parents in relation to:

  • Strengthening connections between families, children and the School staff
  • Planning for future development of the School
  • Planning of family engagement strategies and initiatives
  • Engaging parents/carers in their child’s learning
  • Promoting the work of the School within the Parish of Our Lady’s and the broader community of Roxburgh Park

When and how often does the School Advisory Council meet?

The School Advisory Council meets twice per School term, a maximum of eight times per School year.

The first meeting of each term is a workshop which runs from 6.30 – 8.00pm.  This provides opportunity to collaboratively work on issues/tasks that are in development.  All parents/carers are welcome to attend School Advisory Council workshops

The second meeting of each term is a meeting which runs from 7.00 – 8.00pm.  This provides opportunity for reporting on progress, sharing information and consultation. These meetings are intended for members of the Advisory Council only.