Our Strategic Priorities

As a school community we are challenged to continually focus our energy and desire for innovation on school improvement strategies that directly affect learning and student achievement.

Lives Fully Lived Strategic Plan

Lives Fully Lived builds upon the School’s achievements and distinguishing qualities of the past twenty years and positions our community to best meet the challenges of the future.  It is our plan for the future; it describes our aspiration for the school community and what we need to do to accomplish this.

The development of Lives Fully Lived has been informed by the numerous community and learning conversations that have been held over the past twelve months.  We have also drawn upon evidence collected during the extensive school review process we conducted during 2015.

Lives Fully Lived, reflects our priorities for the next five years and establishes the broad directions we will take as we continue our improvement journey.   Equipped with this knowledge, you will have a richer knowledge and deeper understanding of where collectively we need to be focusing our energies.