Communicating Progress and Achievement

At the heart of our learning and teaching process is the child and how he or she may come into the fullness of their own unique self.  Respecting the sacred dignity of learners provides a strong foundation for authentic dialogue about a child’s learning growth.

Learning by the Power of Three is framed by our understanding that parents are the first educators of their children.  We recognise that every parent plays a critical role in providing learning opportunities for their child and in linking what children learn at school with what happens at home and elsewhere. 

By participating in learning conversations and activities both in and outside the school, parents become important collaborators in their child’s learning.

It is this learning partnership that empowers learners to work with their families and teachers to articulate clear learning goals, to reflect on their learning and to measure their learning against success criteria.

When it is in its most optimal form, communication about a child’s learning achievement and progress is an ongoing Learning3 conversation that continues throughout a child’s learning journey at Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School.

The purpose of such communication is to support and improve learning.

It is an on-going process which provides clear information on a child’s strengths, areas for development and specifically what needs to be done to ensure continued progress and improved standards of achievement. 

As much as possible, the children are involved in the process through on-going reflection and dialogue about their learning. It is also important that the process fully involves and values the role of parents and carers as parental engagement has a significant impact on a child’s progress and acheivement.