Our Uniform

  1. All children attending Good Samaritan are required to wear the correct school uniform.
  2. To ensure comfort and that the uniform meets a diverse range of needs, the children have a number of options for their daily wear
  3. All items of clothing, including shoes, should be clearly named
  4. Grade 6 students are permitted to wear the Year 6 jacket throughout the year
Uniform Shop

All items of the Good Samaritan uniform are available for purchase from the School Uniform Shop.
Every effort is made to ensure that the price of all uniform items is kept as low as possible.

The Uniform Shop is open

Monday 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Wednesday  8:30am to 10:00am

Daily Wear – Girls and Boys

The daily uniform is selected from the following items

  • Good Samaritan polo shirt (short sleeve)
  • Good Samaritan polo shirt (long sleeve)
  • Good Samaritan school shorts or trousers
  • Good Samaritan bomber jacket
  • Good Samaritan summer dress
  • Good Samaritan tunic
  • School wide brim hat (Terms 1 and 4)
  • White socks
  • Dark blue tights
  • Black school shoes
  • Good Samarian wet weather jacket (optional)
  • Good Samaritan scarf (optional)
  • Good Samaritan beanie (optional)

Daily Wear Uniform 2

Sports Uniform – Boys and Girls

Good Samaritan sports shorts or Good Samaritan track pants

Good Samaritan sports top (short sleeve or long sleeve)

Sports shoes/runners

White socks

The sports uniform may only be worn on the specific days that your child has a timetabled physical education lesson or sport.

Good Sam Sports Uniform


Students must bring a note if they are unable to wear full school uniform.

If medical reasons prevent the wearing of an item of the uniform, parents should provide their child’s Home Group Teacher with a note specifying the time of requested exemption from the Uniform Policy.  Appropriate clothes in school colours must still be worn.


  • Students are not to wear jewellery to school, except if it is of religious significance (eg: rosary beads, medal, scapular).


  • Black school shoes are to be worn every day, except on the designated sports day.
  • Runners are not to be worn, except on the designated sports day.
  • Open footwear is not permitted as it is not safe


  • Hair that is longer than shoulder length is to be worn tied back with a headband or hair ties.


  • The only headwear that is acceptable is the school hat as it is consistent with our Sunsmart policy.
  • The school hat must be worn outside during terms 1 and 4.
  • The No School Hat No Play rule applies during these terms.

School Bag

  • While it is preferred that the Good Samaritan school bag is used, this is not a compulsory school uniform requirement. It is preferred for use because of its durability.