Celebration of Learning Conversations

We love working with you and your family to strengthen and continue your child’s learning achievements. This is what we call Learning by the Power of Three or Learning3

What can I expect to happen at the Celebration of Learning Conversation?

1. At the start you’ll be talking about your child’s progress and achievement.

Your child together with the home group teacher will highlight things that your child has done well in class or at school.  The home group teacher and child also highlight areas for improvement or future learning.

Before the conversation you might want to think about:

  •     Which activities engage my child most in his/her learning?
  •     In what areas of learning does my child need improvement?
  •     What area of learning is most important for my child to focus on?
  •     What can we do at home to help?

2. Next you’ll talk about your child’s Learner Profile.

The learner profile is a tool your child uses to reflect on his/her achievement and progress in developing effective learning behaviours. Your child has focused on what powerful learners do at Good Samaritan  –  ‘My ways of thinking’ and ‘My ways of working’.

Your child will have completed the Learner Profile at school prior to the Celebration of Learning Conversation with help from his/her teacher.

Before the conversation you might want to think about:

  • What are my child’s strengths as a learner?
  • What challenges my child as a learner?
  • How well does my child work with other students?
  • How well does my child focus on his/her work at school?
  • Does my child know what to do when he/she is stuck?
  • I notice my child ‘rarely’ does ……..  Why is this important and how can we help?

3. Then you’ll  turn your attention to what’s next?

Together you, your child and the Home Group Teacher will identify a learning goal or a learning focus for your child’s continued progress.

There is a section on the learner profile for you, your child and the Home Group Teacher to agree on what each of you will do next to help achieve the learning goal.

Before the conversation you might want to think about:

  • What are the things that we already do at home that support my child’s learning and development?
  • Are there other ways at home that we might support my child’s learning and development?
  • What conversations can I have with my child about their interests, their experiences and the world?

A copy of the completed Learner Profile will be sent home with your child after it has been copied and put on file as part of your child’s report.

4. And finally:  

Your child’s Home Group Teacher will wrap up the conversation by summarising the key achievements and progress you’ve discussed and the decisions you have made about ‘where to next’.

This Celebration of Learning Conversation is just one of many that you can with your child and Home Group Teacher.