Our Fees and Charges For 2024

1.  Family Fee 

The Family Fee amount per family is $1,600.  

Families may nominate to pay their fees annually, quarterly (each term), monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Regular statements will be sent home to keep you informed about your fee account.

Statements will be issued on:

  • Term 1 Friday, 15 March
  • Term 2 Friday, 24 May
  • Term 3 Friday, 23 August
  • Term 4 Friday, 1 November 2024

The Family Fee is to be paid by no later than 30 November 2024.

Prompt payment will save the embarrassment of having someone ring you with regards to fees.

Where parents choose to make their fee payment in regular instalments (monthly, fortnightly or monthly) we suggest that the periodical payment be used:

Monthly  $160 per month – based on 10 months (February – November)
Fortnightly  $80.00 per fortnight – based on 20 fortnights (February – November)
Weekly  $40.00 per week – based on 40 weeks

2. Program Levy Per Child 

The Program levy is $370.00 per child.  This is paid in addition to the Family Fee.

The Program Levy is inclusive of all books, materials, aquatics program and excursions.  

The Program Levy is to be paid by no later than Friday 28 March 2024.  

3.  Year 5 & 6 Camp Levy Account For 2024

The cost for camp is $320 per child.  

This includes: 2 night’s accommodation, meals and an instructed program.

This will be invoiced separately to families with children in Years 5 & 6 and is required to be paid prior to attending camp.



Concessional school fees are available to any family that meets the below eligibility criteria:

  • of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage
  • holding an HCC and eligible for CSEF 
  • experiencing severe financial hardship 
  • holding a DVA Gold Card 
  • identified as refugees and holding an ImmiCard is strongly encouraged to apply for concessional school fees

Only Health Care Cards that are eligible for the CSEF are eligible for the School Fees Concession Program.

The card must be issued in the name of the fee payer and list the students for whom the concession is to be applied.

The expiry date of the card must be after 1 January of the year for which the concession is to be applied. If an eligible concession card expires after the start of the year, the concessional fee rate will still be applied for the entire year. If a family becomes eligible during the course of the school year, then a pro‐rata concession will be granted.

Level of Concession

This concessional fee is fixed annually by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS). Approved applicants will be charged only the annual concessional fee, which will cover all standard school fees and levies. 

If the applicant has become eligible under one of the eligibility criteria throughout the year, a pro-rata concession will be granted. 

In this instance, standard school fees and levies will be incurred for the portion of the year whereby the applicant was not eligible. To be eligible for the concession, the family must agree to either a direct debit or Centrepay deduction arrangement.

School Fees Concession Program Charges

The Concession Program Charge includes the combined cost for both the Family Fee and Program Levy.

The Concession Program Charges for eligible families are:

1 child:          $780 per family ($15 per week or $195 per term)

2 children:     $1,196 per family ($23 per week or $299 per term)

3 or more  children:   $1,560 per family ($30 per week or $390 per term)


  • The concessional fee does not cover the cost of the Camp Levy. 
  • The Camp Levy ($320) must be paid in addition to the Concessional Fee for children in Years 5 and 6.

Lodgment of Application

An application should be lodged prior to the commencement of the school year so that it can be assessed and direct debit or Centrepay deduction arrangements can be initiated for the following year. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the MACS School Fees Concession Program application form.
  2. Complete the CSEF application form.
  3.     Submit the completed forms, along with a copy of a valid card, to the School Office.


The payment of student levies and school fees are essential for the learning and teaching programs and operation of our learning community. There are a number of payment options available to families.

Direct Debit

Families are able to organise the direct debit option by contacting the School Office. Our Administration Team will be able to assist you with completing the direct debit agreement form

Some families who have taken up this option are in credit and have decided to continue payment for their 2024 account.

Credit Card Payments

Families are able to pay accounts by credit card/eftpos at the School Office. Receipts are issued at the time of payment.

Cash Payments

Families are able to pay accounts by cash at the School Office. Correct money for cash payments is required as cash is not kept on the premises. Receipts are issued at the time of payment.