Our Fees & Charges

The cost of the Family Fee for 2022 is $1,500.00.
The cost of the Student Levy varies depending upon your child's year level.

In 2022 the Student Levy will be inclusive of all costs associated with your child’s specific learning program and therefore will vary depending according to Year Level.

Prep: $310.00  (pays for all program costs and excursions)

Years 1 & 2: $310.00  (pays for all program costs and excursions)

Years 3 & 4: $340.00  (pays for all program costs, sacraments, excursions & big day out)

Year 5: $635.00  (pays for all program costs, excursions and camp)

Year 6: $635.00  (pays for all program costs, sacraments, excursions and camp)

What are school fees?

School fees are what the school charges families for the education of their children.

Do we pay the Family Fee for each child we have enrolled at the school?

No, we have a Family Fee Structure that provides a substantial savings for the additional students at the school.  No matter how many children you have enrolled at the school each year, you are only charged the one Family Fee.

What does the Family Fee pay for?

The Family Fee enables the school to budget and pay for our operating costs such as:

  • All technology used by the children and their teachers – eg ipads, computers, projectors
  • School site improvement costs – eg new classroom furniture, new playgrounds
  • Learning resources for the children – eg library books, maths equipment
  • Sports equipment and resources
  • Repaying existing borrowings – eg loans for the soccer field and new classrooms
  • School maintenance costs – eg plumbing, electrical work, gardens
  • Gas, electricity and water bills

Why is the Student Levy a different cost for different grade levels?

The cost for each grade level differs according to the curriculum program that the children will experience.  The Student Levy is made up of a base charge per student as well as any specific costs (eg camp) that will be incurred in that grade level.

When do I have to pay the Family Fee and Student Levy?

There are many payment options that you can choose from including: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, termly or yearly. Each family is able to choose the payment schedule that best meets their needs.

Each year you will be asked to confirm when you will pay the Family Fee and Student Levy, by completing an Annual Fees and Charges Agreement.

How do I pay the Family Fee and Student Levy?

There are a number of ways that you can pay including cash, cheque, direct debit and BPAY.  Each family is able to choose a payment method that best meets their needs.

Each year, your family will be asked to confirm how the Family Fee will be paid, by completing an Annual Fees and Charges Agreement.

What is the Annual Fees and Charges Agreement?

This is an agreement that is completed by each family confirming how and when they will pay the Family Fee and Student Levy.  Your family is able to choose from a range of payment options and select one that best suits your financial situation.

If I am having trouble paying my fees and levies is there help available?


If you have any concerns regarding payment of school fees or charges, you are encouraged to discuss these at any time with the Principal or Business Manager. Where appropriate, you will be able to make alternative arrangements to pay the fees.

No child will be denied enrolment due to a family’s inability to pay school fees.

What happens if we don’t pay our fees and levies?

All families commit to paying school fees when they enroll their child into the school.  It’s an essential part of the partnership between home and school to ensure the best educational outcomes for the child.  This financial partnership is reaffirmed each year by completing an Annual Fees and Charges Agreement.

If a family decides not to pay their school fees, the following action is taken:

  • For those who fail to keep up with their commitments they will be reissued with an invoice and a response sought.
  • If there is no response the School Business Manager will make contact with the family to remind them of outstanding fee payments.
  • If this fails, a formal letter from the Principal will be sent to remind parents of their obligation. This letter will include an invitation to discuss the matter with the Principal and a specified timeframe for a response.
  • If this course of action is not successful, the Principal will send a letter seeking payment and outlining the possible actions, including legal action, that could occur if payment is not received within the specified timeframe.
  • If there is no response, the school will use the services of a debt collector.
  • As a final step, court proceedings may be initiated.

Parish Thanksgiving Offering

Families are invited to contribute to Our Lady’s Parish Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park through “Thanksgiving”. An annual contribution of $260 is greatly appreciated and goes toward sacramental programs: Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, to the ongoing costs associated with the upkeep and maintenance of the parish grounds and buildings. The parish invoices families who do not currently have contribution envelopes.