Enrolment Policy

Four schools provide Catholic education within the Parish of Our Lady’s Craigieburn:

  1. Good Samaritan in Roxburgh Park

  2. Our Lady’s Lady’s in Craigieburn

  3. Mother Teresa in Mt. Ridley

  4. Oscar Romero

Each school serves the parish community by assisting the spiritual, intellectual, physical and psychological growth of young people. As a welcoming school community each school provides an inclusive and safe environment focused on your child’s wellbeing, achievement, challenge, creativity and enjoyment.

Catholic education is intrinsic to the mission of the Church. It is one means by which the parish fulfills its role in assisting young people to discover and embrace the fullness of life in Christ.  To support the view that Catholic schools are primarily for Catholic children, this policy establishes an expectation that our parish schools will work towards and/or maintain the highest possible level of Catholic enrolment.

In keeping with this concern we will ensure that our school is accessible for all Catholic families by implementing a consistent and transparent approach to enrolment.


Parents, as the first educators of their children, enter into a partnership with Good Samaritan Catholic Primary to promote and support their child’s education, in particular their education in faith. While the school promotes access to a Catholic education parents also assume a responsibility for maintaining this partnership by supporting the school in furthering the spiritual and academic life of their children.


Catholic child

For the purpose of enrolment in the Parish of Our Lady’s Craigieburn, a child is considered to be Catholic if he/she is a member of the Catholic Church, usually established by a Certificate of Catholic Baptism.

Catholic school

A Catholic school is one that operates with the consent of the diocesan Bishop and is one where formation and education are based on the principles of Catholic doctrine, and the teachers are outstanding in true doctrine and uprightness of life.


For the purpose of enrolment, the ‘parish’ is the parish of Our Lady’s Craigieburn as defined by its geographical boundaries.


The following list provides an agreed order of priority for enrolment in Catholic primary schools in the parish of Our Lady’s Craigieburn. The order of priority is:

  1. Catholic children who are residents of the parish and reside within the catchment area of the school to which enrolment is sought.
  2. Siblings of children already enrolled within the school to which enrolment is sought.
  3. Catholic children who do not reside in the parish but are recognised as parishioners by the Parish Priest.
  4. Catholic children from other parishes (for pastoral reasons).
  5. Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside in the parish.
  6. Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside outside the parish.
  7. Other Christian children who reside in the parish.
  8. Other Christian children who reside outside the parish.
  9. Non-Christian children who reside in the parish.
  10. Non-Christian children who reside outside the parish.
  11. Full fee paying overseas students

Exercise of Pastoral Discretion in Enrolment Decisions

Local pastoral discretion is an important element of decision-making with regard to enrolment in the Parish of Our Lady’s Craigieburn. Therefore, while bearing in mind the above criteria, the Parish Priest and the principals of the Catholic schools will exercise some flexibility with respect to enrolment decisions where pastoral discretion may be deemed necessary.

Families wishing to enroll in the school that is outside of their residential catchment area (as shown above) are required to discuss this request with the principal of the school that is located in their residential catchment area.

Parental Responsibilities

At the time of lodging an application for enrolment parents/guardians make an explicit commitment to the following responsibilities:

  1. All parents/guardians enrolling their children in a Catholic school in the Parish of Our Lady’s Craigieburn should complete the school’s Application for Enrolment form and return it by the due date. This does not guarantee enrolment in the school.
  2. Parents/guardians must be prepared to support the school in the Catholic education of their children and involve themselves as much as possible.
  3. Parents/guardians must recognise and be prepared to meet their financial responsibilities for the ongoing enrolment of the child. (Any difficulties in this regard should be discussed with the principal.)
  4. Parents/guardians must advise the principal of any Court Order(s) that may exist in regard to the child, or any changes to such Court Order(s) and provide a copy of the Court Order(s) and any subsequent changes for the child’s school file.
  5. Parents/guardians must supply the school with either the original or certified copy of the following documents:
  • Health Immunisation Certificate
  • Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Baptism Certificate
  • Proof of residence (eg: rates notice, drivers licence, utility bill)
  • Visa if a newly or recently arrived student in Australia